Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child Walkthrough

Experience the magic of Dream Chronicles in a bold third edition of the award-winning hidden object adventure game.

Delve into beautiful hide and seek puzzles that will challenge you to uncover the mystery behind Fayes missing daughter Lyra. At the start of the game Faye has lost her memory and she must work to recover it while pursuing clues about the whereabouts of her daughter. With the help of her husband Fidget, Faye will travel through the Human and Fairy Realms in search of Lyra who has been taking by the Fairy Queen Lilith. Solve these puzzles and more in your quest to reunite your family.

Dream Chronicles®: The Chosen Child, the third installment in the award-winning Dream Chronicles series, combines richly stunning visuals and an enchanting story with challenging hidden object puzzles to create an exciting and approachable adventure experience.

How to Play

* Navigating your way through Dream Chronicles®: The Chosen Child is as easy as clicking across your screen.

* Investigate each scene using your mouse to click on objects such as doors, drawers, buttons,switches, wall hangings, unusual shapes and anything that captures your eye!

* Everything that you need along your journey will be stored in your inventory at the bottom of the screen.

Tips & Tricks

* Click on everything on your current screen to see what it is-perhaps it will aid you in unlocking the next door!

* Collect tools on your journey and use them in different scenes

* Many answers can be found by clicking the Crystal Ball and Dream Journal for story updates, clues and more

* Dream Jewels and Dream Pieces can be collected throughout the game in order to unlock doors in the Nexus

What's New

Explore a beautifully stunning mystery world as you overcome difcult puzzles to restore your memory and reunite your family.

* Innovative, open-ended design allows you to revisit all unlocked areas of the game via the Nexus

* New multi-area puzzles provide additional challenge and opportunity for exploration

* Integrated help system makes this the most approachable Dream Chronicles game yet!

* Players can now use the Dream Jewels they find in the new Nexus puzzle

* Now you can plant and grow food to make recipes that will unlock even more challenges

* The Dream Chronicles world can now be seen with 60% greater detail in 1024x768 resolution!

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