Tradewinds Legends

Enter a world of danger and intrigue as you complete over 100 unique tasks in the mythical Far East. Build a flotilla of ships armed with weaponry, both man-made and magic. Sail into the sky to discover new ports and engage in aerial combat with other magical sky ships. Encounter a world of legend, play Tradewinds™ Legends today!

Play as one of 4 unique characters, or build your own from scratch
10 beautiful ports to visit
Build your fleet with 7 unique ships, weapons and magical attacks
Hundreds of special items to customize your gameplay

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1 comment:

Lattegato said...

This is a GREAT game for guys IMO. I get how you play the game. I just didn't care for it much. The graphics were cool. Not a hard game. Get money, sell provisions, buy provisions, make a profit, stock your ship, move it to another port, visit buildings, take on tasks, repeat. Watch out that they don't sink your ship! Very similar to Chocolatier, but somehow I liked that game better. Cuz ships aren't as yummy as chocolates and maybe cuz I'm a girl darn it! :-P